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Train 10807089 (Y50824) 2E09 11:38 Manchester Oxford Road to Leeds

Update ID1317 20/07/17 19:49:00
Created21/07/17 01:04:02
Bank holiday running
STP IndicatorPPermanent
Train UIDY50824
UIC code
Days runsMo Tu We Th Fr
Schedule Dates11/12/17 - 18/05/18
Signalling ID2E09
Deduced headcode
Train categoryOOOrdinary Passenger
TOC Headcode5235
Train service code11871821
Business Sector
Power typeDMU Diesel Mechanical Multiple Unit
Timing LoadSClass 150, 153, 155, or 156
Operating Characteristics
Seating ClassSStandard only.
Connection Indicator
Catering Code
Service Branding
Train StatusPPassenger
LocationTimes WTT(Public)PlatPath-LineAllowancesActivities
Manchester Oxford Road d. 11:38(11:38) 5 Train begins.
Manchester Deansgatea. 11:39½(11:40) d. 11:40(11:40) 2 Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Water Street Junctionp. 11:41 Path: ½
Salford Centralp. 11:42½ Path: 2
Manchester Deal Street Junctionp. 11:45 - SL
Manchester Victoriaa. 11:46½(11:47) d. 11:48½(11:48) 3 - FL Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Miles Plattingp. 11:51½
Thorpes Bridge Junctionp. 11:53
Vitriol Worksp. 11:55½
Castleton East Junctionp. 11:59
Rochdalea. 12:01½(12:02) d. 12:02½(12:02) 1 Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Rochdale East Junctionp. 12:03½
Littleboroughp. 12:06½ 2
Todmordena. 12:12½(12:13) d. 12:13½(12:13) 2 Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Hall Royd Junctionp. 12:15
Hebden Bridgea. 12:19(12:19) d. 12:20(12:20) 2 Stops to take up and set down passengers.
HEBDEN BRIDGE SIG HB7p. 12:24 Eng: 1
Milner Royd Junctionp. 12:27½
Halifaxa. 12:32½(12:33) d. 12:33½(12:33) 2Eng: 1 Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Mill Lane Junctionp. 12:44½
Bradford Interchangea. 12:46(12:46) d. 12:49(12:49) 1 Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Mill Lane Junction [2]p. 12:50½
New Pudseya. 12:57(12:57) d. 12:57½(12:57) 2 Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Bramley (West Yorks)a. 13:00½(13:01) d. 13:01½(13:01) 2Perf: 2 Stops to take up and set down passengers.
Holbeck Junctionp. 13:07½
Whitehall Junctionp. 13:08 - C
Leeds West Junctionp. 13:08½ - C
Leedsa. 13:10(13:10) 10B Train finishes.


Update idCreatedDeletedUIDAssoc UIDRuns onFromToCategoryTypeLocationSTP
149009/01/18 00:10:01Y51673Y50824MoTuWeThFr11/12/1718/05/18Next/PrevOperating useManchester Oxford RoadPermanent
149009/01/18 00:10:01Y51673Y50824MoWeFr08/01/1812/01/18Manchester Oxford RoadCancelled
149009/01/18 00:10:0120/03/18 00:10:01Y51673Y50824Fr30/03/1830/03/18Manchester Oxford RoadCancelled
149009/01/18 00:10:01Y51673Y50824Mo02/04/1802/04/18Manchester Oxford RoadCancelled
150524/01/18 00:10:02Y51673Y50824We31/01/1831/01/18Next/PrevOperating useManchester Oxford RoadOverlay
156020/03/18 00:10:01Y51673Y50824MoThFr26/03/1830/03/18Manchester Oxford RoadCancelled
160302/05/18 00:10:01Y51673Y50824We09/05/1809/05/18Manchester Oxford RoadCancelled

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