Open Rail Live Railway Data

Welcome to the Open Rail real time railway systems at Charlwood House.

Real Time Signalling

Liverpool Lime Street to Ince Moss and Earlestown

Historic diagrams without live data:
Before October 2017
9-20 October 2017 and 11 June to 13 July 2018
23 October to 24 December 2017
28 December 2017 to 7 April 2018
09 April to 01 June 2018


Open Rail Data

The Open Rail Data pages provide:
  • Past and future timetable information.
  • Real time train running details.
  • Three years of historical train running data.
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Northern Electrics Stock Diagrams

Weekday diagrams valid from 09 December 2018


Real Time Stations

These simple pages show the trains at and approaching a station. They are designed specifically for viewing on basic smart phones. Use the refresh function to update the display.

Liverpool Lime Street    Huyton

All About The Lancashire Electrification Project

For lots of information about the electrification projects in Northwest England see the Northwest Sparks web site and News Blog.


Open Rail Software

The above facilities are powered by the Open Rail suite of software. For more information on this open source system and to download a copy, see


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